Advances in Animal Biosciences publishes position and foresight papers on key areas in relation to the livestock sector- The French Horse Industry, Animal Pain and this month the 3rd in the series - Nitrogen flows in livestock farming systems:

In the last year INRA, The French National Institute for Agricultural Research, have produced position and foresight papers in key areas in relation to the livestock sector. These are now published in Advances in Animal Biosciences. They make an important contribution to the future development of the industry and its impact on animal welfare, human society and the environment. Subscribers have free access to these articles but non-subscribers now have an opportunity to buy individual articles or the whole publication.

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The French Horse Industry: Scenarios 2030- Published October 2013 (Free to download)
In order to help industry professionals anticipate future trends beyond the current economic situation, INRA and IFCE have joined forces to consider the medium-term outlook for the horse industry. The foresight study defined a variety of future scenarios for the French horse industry in 2030.  After describing the foresight approach and reviewing the current state of the horse industry in France, the main elements determining the industry’s future are examined. Possible trend scenarios are then presented, which inform the report’s recommendations in terms of future priorities for research and public policy action.

Animal pain: Identifying, understanding and minimising pain in farm animals- Published June 2014 (120€)
The report considers the definition of animal pain in comparison with related concepts such as animal suffering and discomfort, and the clarification of the modes of expression of pain. Are all animals likely to feel pain and in what manner according to their phylogenetic position? What tools exist to identify and measure pain, and are they readily available? The consequences of pain on behaviour and performance of the animal are also documented. A list of alternatives and possible solutions to limit pain are presented. Finally, the ethical and socio-economic stakes connected with the issue of animal pain are put into perspective.

Nitrogen flows in livestock farming systems: Published October 2014 (120€)
The European policies on nitrate and gaseous pollutants are the subject of much discussion and litigation. In this context, the French government asked for a synthesis of scientific knowledge on flows and fate of nitrogen related to livestock farms. Articles in this review draw (i) the current situation, (ii) explain social and economic causes of the territorial variability of nitrogen pressure, (iii) quantify the flow on farms, (iv) look at indicators, (v) regulation instruments and finally (vi) identify options for reducing nitrogen pressure caused by livestock farming.