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EAAP and EU Projects

The following are the EU Projects in which EAAP is/was coordinator:

  • ALCASDE is a Call for tender no. SANCO/2008/D5/018, signed in November 2008. The overall objective of the contract is to provide research results that will support EU policy on the consumer demand and acceptance of the production of entire males with alternatives to the surgical castration of pigs, as well as the dehorning of cattle.
  • A "Targeted Action", called EFABIS NET, started in January 2007 in accordance with the Council Regulation (EC) no. 870/2004 of 24 April 2004 establishing a Community programme on the conservation, characterisation, collection and utilisation of genetic resources in agriculture
  • In May 2005 the EAAP signed within EU FP6 - DG Research Directorate E, "Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food", Unit "Strategic and Policy Aspects" the the Specific Support Action called "Young Train"
  • In December 2002, EAAP started an EU Project aimed at the creation of an integrate infrastructure of databases to monitor farm animal biodiversity (FAB) in Europe. The acronym is EFABIS (European Farm Animal Biodiversity Information System).
  • From 15th January 2001 and for a duration of 24 months, EAAP signed a Grant Contract with EU Commission for the "Implementation and support to the restructuring and strengthening of cattle producers’ and breeders’ associations as business representative organisations in Central and Eastern European Countries". The acronym is BABROC.
  • EAAP was involved, from 1st February 1997 to 31st August 1998, in the RESGEN Project.