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EAAP Scientific Series

The following is the list of the books published in the EAAP Scientific Series:

  • Animal farming and environmental interactions in the Mediterranean region
    Edited by: I. Casasús, J. Rogosic, A. Roati, I. Stokovic and D. Gabińa
    Corrigenda: Environmental interactions of fish farming in the Mediterranean: Research achievements and policy requirements.
    Author: Sofronios E. Papoutsoglou
  • NorFor – The Nordic feed evaluation system
    Edited by Harald Volden
  • New Trends for innovation in the Mediterranean animal production
    Edited by R. Bouche, A. Derkimba & F. Casabianca
  • The impact of nutrition on the health and welfare of horses
    Edited by A.D. Ellis, A.C. Longland, M. Coenen & N. Miraglia
  • Energy and protein metabolism and nutrition
    edited by: I. Ortigues-Marty
  • Horse behaviour and welfare
    edited by: M. Hausberger, E. Sondergaard and W. Martin-Rosset
  • Breeding, production recording, health and the evaluation of farm animals
    edited by: Juho Kyntäjä, Kyllikki Lampinen, Andrea Rosati and Cesare Mosconi
  • Nutrition and feeding of the broodmare
    edited by: N. Miraglia and W. Martin-Rosset
  • Animal products from the Mediterranean area
    edited by J.M.C. Ramalho Ribeiro, A.E.M. Horta, C. Mosconi and A. Rosati
  • Livestock farming systems - Product quality based on local resources leading to improved sustainability
    edited by R. Rubino, L. Sepe, A. Dimitriadou and A. Gibon
  • Knowledge transfer in cattle husbandry - New management practices, attitudes and adaptation
    edited by Abele Kuipers, Marija Klopcic and Cled Thomas
  • Conservation genetics of endangered horse breeds
    edited by Imre Bodó, Lawrence Alderson and Bertrand Langlois
  • Animal production and natural resources utilisation in the Mediterranean mountain areas edited by A. Georgoudis & A. Rosati
  • The growing horse: nutrition and prevention of growth disorders
    edited by V. Juliand and W. Martin-Rosset
  • Performance recording of animals: state of the art 2004
    edited by M. Guellouz, A. Dimitriadou and C. Mosconi
  • Indicators of milk and beef quality
    edited by J.F. Hocquette and S. Gigli
  • Nutrition of the Performance Horse - Which system in Europe for evaluating the nutritional requirements?
    edited by V. Julliand and W. Martin-Rosset
  • Recent advances of research in antinutritional factors in legume seeds and oilseeds
    edited by M. Muzquiz, G.D. Hill, C. Burbano, C. Cuadrado and M.M. Pedrosa
  • Progress in Research on Energy and Protein Metabolism
    edited by W.B. Souffrant and C.C. Metges
  • After BSE - A future for the European livestock sector
    edited by E.P. Cunningham and the European Association for Animal Production
  • Performance recording of animals - State of the art 2002
    edited by J. Crettenand, J. Moll, C. Mosconi and S. Wegmann
  • Organic meat and milk from ruminants
    edited by G. Zervas and I. Kyriazakis
  • Progress in South American camelids research
    edited by M. Gerken, University of Göttingen, Germany and C. Renieri
  • Pig genetic resources in Europe
    edited by L. Ollivier, F. Labroue, P. Glodek, G. Gandini, and J.V. Delgado
  • Energy metabolism in animals
    edited by A. Chwalibog and K. Jakobsen
  • Improving health and welfare in animal production
    edited by Harry J. Blokhuis, E. Dinand Ekkel
  • Mendelian inheritance in cattle
    edited by P. Millar, J.J. Lauvergne, INRA and C. Dolling
  • Quality of meat and fat in pigs as affected by genetics and nutrition
    edited by Caspar Wenk, José A. Fernández and Monique Dupuis
  • Prospects for a sustainable dairy sector in the Mediterranean
    edited by M. Djemali & M. Guellouz
  • Performance recording of animals - State of the art, 2000
    edited by Marija Klopcic, Karmela Malinger, Natasa Siard and Silvester Zgur
  • Livestock farming systems. Integrating animal science advances in the search of sustainability
    edited by D. Gagnaux, R. Daccord, A. Gibon, J.R. Poffet and A.R. Sibbald.
  • Protein metabolism and nutrition 1999
    edited by G.E. Lobley, A. White and J.C. MacRae
  • Milking and milk production of dairy sheep and goats
    edited by F. Barillet and N. P. Zervas
  • Livestock production and climatic uncertainty in the Mediterranean
    edited by F. Guessous, N. Rihani and A. Ilham
  • Antinutritional factors in legume seeds and rapeseed
    edited by A.J.M. Jansman, G.D. Hill, J. Huisman and A.F.B. van der Poel
  • Boar taint in entire male pigs
    edited by M. Bonneau, INRA, K. Lundström and B. Malmfors
  • Performance recording of animals - State of the art 1998
    edited by Cathy Linton
  • Basis of the quality of typical Mediterranean animal products
    edited by J.C. Flamant, D. Gabińa and M. Espejo Díaz
  • Livestock production systems: more than food production
    edited by J.T. Sřrensen
  • Digestive physiology in pigs
    edited by J.P. Laplace, C. Février and A. Barbeau
  • Performance recording of animals - State of the art 1996
    edited by J. Renaud, ICAR Secretariat Italy and J. van Gelder, RVN The Netherlands
  • Cattle in the Mediterranean area
    edited by J.C. Flamant, J. Boyazoglu and A. Nardone
  • Mediterranean animal germplasm and future human challenges
    edited by D. Matassino, J. Boyazoglu and A. Cappuccio
  • Utilization of local feed resources in dairy cattle
    edited by A.F. Groen and J. van Bruchem
  • The optimal exploitation of marginal Mediterranean areas by extensive ruminant production systems
    edited by N.P. Zervas and J. Hatziminaoglu
  • International symposium on buffalo products
    edited by S. Gigli et al.,
  • Protein metabolism and nutrition
    edited by A.F. Nunes, A.V. Portugal, J.P. Costa and J.R. Ribeiro
  • Digestive physiology in pigs
    edited by W.B. Souffrant and H. Hagemeister
  • Livestock farming systems
    edited by S. Biad and J.C. Flamant
  • Modelling growth in the pig
    edited by P.J. Moughan, M.W.A. Verstegen and M.I. Visser-Reyneveld
  • Somatic cells and milk of small ruminants
    edited by R. Rubino
  • Energy metabolism of farm animals
    edited by J.F. Aguilera
  • Milk and beef recording: state of the art 1994
    edited by L. Lajoie, S. Lafontaine and P. Doyle
  • Animal production and rural tourism in Mediterranean regions
    edited by J.C. Flamant, J. Boyazoglu and A. Nardone
  • The livestock production sector in Eastern Europe as affected by current changes
    edited by H.A. Jasiorowski and J. Renaud
  • The role of specialized beef breeds in extensive husbandry systems of suckling cows
    edited by N. Picinelli and J. Boyazoglu
  • Goat production systems in the Mediterranean
    edited by A. El Aich et al.
  • Recent advances of research in antinutritional factors in legume seeds and rapeseeds
    edited by A.J.M. Jansman, G.D. Hill, J. Huisman and A.F.B. van der Poel
  • Nitrogen flow in pig production and environmental consequences
    edited by M.W.A. Verstegen et al.
  • Strategies for the development of fat-tail sheep in the Near East
    edited by E.S.E. Galal and O. Gursey
  • Genetic diversity of European livestock breeds
    edited by D.L. Simon and D. Buchenauer
  • Prospects for automatic milking
    edited by A.H. Ipema et al.
  • Research strategy for animal production in Europe in the 21st century
    edited by A.J. van der Zijpp, J. Boyazoglu, J. Renaud and C. Hoste
  • The study of livestock farming systems in a research and development framework
    edited by Annick Gibon and Jean Claude Flamant
  • Prospects of buffalo production in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East
    edited by M.M. Shafie et al.
  • Performance recording of animals - State of the art 1992
    edited by Y. Chabert et al.
  • The livestock production sector in Eastern Europe as affected by current changes
    edited by J. Boyazoglu and J. Renaud
  • Production of hides, skins, wool and hair
    edited by O. Güney, O. Bicer and M.S. Ranieri
  • Digestive physiology in pigs 5th symposium
    edited by M.W.A. Verstegen, J. Huisman and L.A. den Hartog
  • On the eve of the 3rd millennium, the European challenge for animal production
    edited by E. Rossier