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EAAP Technical Series

The following is the list of the books published in the EAAP Technical Series:
  • The cattle sector in Central and Eastern Europe
    edited by K.J. Peters, A. Kuipers, M.G. Keane and A. Dimitriadou
  • EU beef farming systems and CAP regulations
    edited by Patrick Sarzeaud, Andie Dimitriadou, Milan Zjalic
  • Farm management and extension needs in CEE under the restriction of the EU milk quota
    edited by Abele Kuipers, Marija Klopcic and Arunas Svitojus
  • Interactions between climate and animal production
    edited by N. Lacetera, U. Bernabucci, H.H. Khalifa, B. Ronchi and A. Nardone
  • Working animals in agriculture and transport: A collection of some current research and development observations
    edited by R.A. Pearson, P. Lhoste, M. Saatamoinen, W. Martin-Rosset
  • Foot-and-Mouth Disease: new values, distinct routes
    edited by A.J. van der Zijpp, M.J.E. Braker, C.H.A.M. Eilers, H. Kieft, S.J.Oosting and T.A. Vogelzang
  • Image of the cattle sector and its products
    edited by J. Boyazoglu
  • Image of the Cattle Sector and its Products: Role of Breeders Association
    Livestock Farming Systems in Central and Eastern Europe
    edited by A. Gibon and S. Mihina
  • The future of livestock breeding and service organisations
    edited by J. Hodges and M. Zjalic
  • Protein feed for animal production
    edited by C. Février, A. Aumaitre, F. Habe, T. Vares and M. Zjalic