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Antalya 2006 - Sessions and videos

Available videos from Antalya Annual Meeting:

  • Patermann (Animal science and livestock systems in the seventh Framework Programme for research).

  • Amer (The economics of competitive breeding programs Session, G34).

  • Bidanel (Genetic trends for reproduction and maternal abilities in French Large White pigs, G10).

  • Misztal (Reliable computing in estimation of variance components, G10).

  • Thompson (Speech  | Discussion) (Ethical bases of sustainability, L1).

  • Round Table - Introduction by C. Thomas


Available Sessions from Antalya Annual Meeting:

Number of the Session Title of the Session Commission
Session 1. Ethics of sustainability L1
Session 2. Nutrition and reproduction N2
Session 3. Statistical analysis of genetic data G3
Session 4. Cattle breeding, genetic resources, product quality C4
Session 5. Interaction between management, animal and farmer health M5
Session 6. Impact of reproduction technology on horse breeding programs H6
Session 7. Advances in functional genomics Ph7
Session 8. Micronutrient impact on high producing animals P8
Session 9. New developments in evaluation of carcass and meat quality in cattle and sheep C9
Session 10. Genetics of reproduction and maternal traits G10
Session 11. Effect of management and housing on horse welfare H11
Session 12. The early life of pigs - physiology and nutrition Ph12
Session 13. Indoor vs outdoor cattle production systems M13
Session 14. Awassi sheep S14
Session 15. Advances in decision support concepts and tools for managing towards sustainability L15
Session 16. Impact of nutrition on the environment N16
Session 17. Free communications animal genetics G17
Session 18. Free communications animal nutrition N18
Session 19. Free communications animal management & health M19
Session 20. Free communications animal physiology Ph20
Session 21. Free communications livestock farming systems L21
Session 23. Free communications sheep and goat production S23
Session 24. Free communications pig production P24
Session 25. Free communications horse production H25
Session 26. Strategies to cope with feed scarcity in harsh environments S26
Session 27. Scientific evaluation of behavioural manipulations in pigs and poultry P27
Session 28. Improving cattle performance and economics of dairy farming C28
Session 29. Free communications animal genetics G29
Session 30. Dietetics, feeds and horse feeding H30
Session 31. Scale dependent opportunities and efficiency in livestock farming development L31
Session 32. Product quality: nutrition and management N32
Session 33. Free communications cattle production C33
Session 34. Breeding programs and economics G34
Session 35. Metabolic programming in growth and development Ph35
Session 36. Equine industry in Turkey H36