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Session 12. Indicators and analysis of risk factors in livestock welfare

Date: 24 August '09; 14:00 - 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Bareille (FRA)


Theatre Session 12


Poster Session 12

  • Welfare evaluation system in goats bred under extensive conditions
    Rodero, E., Perez Almero, J.L., Cruz, V., Sanchez, M.D. and Alcalde, M.J.

  • Pre-slaughter conditions, genetic-stress susceptibility, meat quality, and animal welfare in pigs: results from a Spanish survey
    Guàrdia, M.D., Estany, J., Balasch, S., Tor, M., Oliver, M.A., Gispert, M. and Diestre, A.

  • Risk factors for sow and piglet welfare indicators in an on-farm monitoring system
    Scott, K., Binnendijk, G.P., Edwards, S.A., Guy, J.H., Kiezebrink, M.C. and Vermeer, H.M.

  • Impact of heat stress on production, energy efficiency and fertility of Holstein cows in pasture based systems in North West Germany
    König, S., Schierenbeck, S., Schmitz, C., Brügemann, K., V. Borstel, U.U. and Gauly, M.

  • Microclimatic indexes to compare different dairy cows housing systems in different climatic conditions
    Menesatti, P., D’andrea, S., Cavalieri, A., Baldi, M., Lanini, M., Vitali, A., Lacetera, N., Bernabucci, U. and Nardone, A.

  • Variation of milk yield in relation to temperature humidity index in different dairy cow housing systems: a preliminary Time-lagged approach
    Aguzzi, J., Vitali, A., D’andrea, S., Cavalieri, A. and Menesatti, P.

  • How ruminants adapt their feeding behaviour to diets with high-risk for acidosis
    Mialon, M.M., Commun, L., Martin, C., Micol, D. and Veissier, I.