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Session 20. Are organic farming systems sustainable?

Date: 25 August ‘09; 14:00 - 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Hermansen (DK)


Theatre Session 20


Poster Session 20

  • Fatty acid composition of organic and conventional milk from UK farms
    Stergiadis, S., Seal, C.J., Leifert, C., Eyre, M.D. and Butler, G.

  • Farming factors affecting food safety and quality in NW Spain
    Blanco-Penedo, I., López-Alonso, M., Shore, R., Miranda, M., Castillo, C., Hernández, J., Pereira, V., García-Vaquero, M. and Benedito, J.L.

  • The effects of sustainable dairy farming system on milk composition and quality
    Jovanovic, S.J., Popovic Vranjes, A., Vegara, M. and Savic, M.

  • Diagnosis of the organic production system in Catalonia: from farm to fork
    Panella, N., Gispert, M., Fernàndez, X., López, F., Bartolomé, J. and Fàbrega, E.

  • The performance and meat quality of Bonsmara steers raised in a feedlot or on organic pastures
    Groenewald, I.B., Esterhuizen, J., Hugo, A. and Strydom, P.E.

  • Comparison of mycotoxins residues in animal products produced organically and conventionally
    Denli, M.

  • Viability of organic dairy farms located in northwest of Spain in different subsidy reduction scenarios
    García, A., Perea, J., Acero, R. and Gómez, G.

  • Characterization of the organic beekeeping in Spain: preliminary results
    Perea, J., García, A., Acero, R., Santos, M.V.F. and Gómez, G.

  • Competitiveness of organic dairy farms in northwest of Spain: subsidy reductions
    Perea, J., García, A., Angón, E., Acero, R. and Gómez, G.