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Session 22. Promising applications of Nutrigenomics in animal science

Date: 25 August ‘09; 14:00 - 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Connolly (IE)


Theatre Session 22

  • Nutrigenomics: providing molecular tools that will revolutionize the animal
    production industry
    Dawson, K.

  • Differential gene expression in poultry, fed a deoxynivalenol-contaminated diet
    Dietrich, B., Bucher, B. and Wenk, C.

  • Nutrigenomics: methods and applications
    Puskás, L.G. and Kitajka, K.

  • Using nutrigenomic approaches to determine responses to mycotoxin in pigs
    Pinton, P., Gallois, M., Grenier, B., Gao, Y., Rogel-Gaillard, C., Martin, P.G.P. and Oswald, I.P.

  • Modulation of adipose tissue gene expression and fatty acid composition by dietary fat in pigs
    Mohan, N.H., Sarmah, B.C., Tamuli, M.K., Das, A., Bujarbaruah, K.M., Naskar, S. and Kalita, D.

  • Differential gene expression study in porcine adipose tissue conditional on oleic acid content of diet
    Ovilo, C., Fernández, A.I., Rodrigañez, J., Martín-Palomino, P., Daza, A., Rodríguez, C. and Silió, L.

  • Development of a custom microarray platform for nutrigenomics studies in sheep
    Stefanon, B., Sgorlon, S., Colitti, M., Asquini, E. and Ferrarini, A.

  • Alteration of foetal hepatic gene expression due to gestation diet and breed
    Wimmers, K., Nuchchanart, W., Murani, E. and Ponsuksili, S.

  • Underfeeding affects IGF-1 and gene expression in genital tract tissues in high producing dairy cows
    Valour, D., Degrelle, S., Marot, G., Dejean, S., Dubois, O., Hue, I., Germain, G., Humblot, P., Ponter, A.A., Charpigny, G. and Grimard, B.