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Session 24. Selection in harsh environments: methods and results and sheep and goat genetics free communications

Date: 25 August ‘09; 14:00 - 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Dempfle (DE)


Theatre Session 24


Poster Session 24

  • Genetic parameters for growth traits in Romane sheep
    David, I., François, D., Bouvier, F., Bodin, L., Bibé, B. and Bouix, J.

  • Additional casein variants in sheep breeds with potential to be included in animal breeding
    Giambra, I.J., Jäger, S. and Erhardt, G.

  • Variability of beta-casein gene and relationships with milk traits in the Sarda goat
    Dettori, M.L., Pazzola, M., Piras, G., Dhaouadi, A., Carcangiu, V. and Vacca, G.M.

  • SNP discovery in the ovine ABCG2 gene
    García-Fernández, M., Gutiérrez-Gil, B., García-Gámez, E. and Arranz, J.J.

  • Characterization of the ovine diacylglycerol acyltransferase (DGAT), long chain fatty acid elongase (LCE) and sterol regulatory element binding protein- (SREBF) genes
    Dervishi, E., Martinez-Royo, A., Serrano, M., Joy, M. and Calvo, J.H.

  • Prediction of sperm production using hormonal factors in ram by artificial neural networks and linear regression
    Hosseinnia, P., Soltani, M., Doosti, M., Moladoost, K., Karimi, D., Abbasi, H. and Taheri, A.

  • Preliminary genetic (co)variances between wrinkle score and breech strike in Merino sheep, using a threshold-linear model
    Scholtz, A.J., Cloete, S.W.P., Van Wyk, J.B., Misztal, I. and Van Der Linde, T.D.E.K.

  • Freemartin detection and BMP genotype determination in replacement ewes of Rasa aragonesa sheep breed by PCR-duplex
    Martínez-Royo, A., Dervishi, E., Alabart, J.L., Folch, J., Jurado, J.J. and Calvo, J.H.

  • Genetic variability and phylogenetic relationships among ovine Algerian breeds using microsatellites
    Gaouar, S., Tabet Aoul, N., Ouragh, L., Khait Dit Naib, O., Boushaba, N., Brahami, N., Hamouda, L., Rognon, X., Tixier-Boichard, M. and Saďdi-Mehtar, N.

  • Additive mutational variance for litter size in the Ripollesa sheep breed
    Casellas, J., Caja, G. and Piedrafita, J.

  • Study of genetic relationship in ten autochthonous Hungarian sheep flocks based on microsatellites
    Kusza, S., Nagy, I., Bősze, Z., Oláh, J., Németh, T., Jávor, A. and Kukovics, S.

  • Molecular-based estimates of effective population size in the rare Xalda sheep
    Goyache, F., Alvarez, I., Fernandez, I., Royo, L.J., Perez-Pardal, L. and Gutierrez, J.P.

  • Pedigree analysis of Iranian Baluchi sheep breed
    Sheikhloo, M., Tahmoorespur, M., Shodja, D., Pirany, N. and Rafat, A.

  • D-loop region of mtDNA sequence diversity in Iranian Domestic sheep and goats
    Sadeghi, B., Shafagh Motlagh, A., Nassiry, M., Ghovvati, S. and Soltani, M.

  • Polymorphism of five lipid metabolism genes and their association with milk traits in Murciano-Granadina goats
    Zidi, A., Fernández-Cabanás, V., Amills, M., Polvillo, O., Jordana, J., González, P., Carrizosa, J., Gallardo, D., Urrutia, B. and Serradilla, J.M.

  • Paternal haplogroups in European and African domestic goats
    Royo, L.J., Perez-Pardal, L., Traore, A., Wisniewska, E., Azor, P.J., Alvarez, I., Fernandez, I., Plante, Y., Kotze, A., Ponce De Leon, F.A. and Goyache, F.

  • Effects of CSN1S1 and CNS3 genotypes on technological properties and rheological parameters of milk in Murciano-Granadina goat
    Caravaca, F., Ares, J.L., Carrizosa, J., Urrutia, B., Baena, F., Jordana, J., Amills, M., Badaoui, B., Sánchez, A., Angiolillo, A. and Serradilla, J.M.

  • Genetic parameters for milk yield, composition and rheological traits in Murciano-Granadina goats
    Benradi, Z., Ares, J.L., Jordana, J., Urrutia, B., Carrizosa, J., Baena, F. and Serradilla, J.M.

  • Genetic parameter for wool weight of lambs in Iranian Baluchi sheep
    Hosseinpour Mashhadi, M., Aminafshar, M., Jenati, H. and Tabasi, N.

  • Polymorphism of calpastatin gene in makoei sheep using PCR- RFLP
    Moradi Shahrbabak, H., Moradi Shahrbabak, M., Mehrabani Yeganeh, H., Rahimi, G.H. and Khaltabadi Farahani, A.H.