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Session 25. Sheep and Goat reproduction

Date: 26 August ‘09; 08:30 - 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Bodin (FR)


Theatre Session 25

  • Impact of a restrictive use of hormones on breeding and selection management in small ruminants
    Fatet, A., Pellicer-Rubio, M.T., Palhičre, I., Bouix, J., Lagriffoul, G., Piacčre, A., Martin, P., Boué, P., Leboeuf, B. and Bodin, L.

  • Foetal losses in early to mid-pregnancy in Icelandic ewe lambs
    Dyrmundsson, O.R., Eythorsdottir, E., Jonmundsson, J.V., Sigurdardottir, O.G., Gunnarsson, E. and Sigurdarson, S.

  • Segregation of FecX and FecL genes influencing ovulation rate in different populations of Lacaune sheep
    Drouilhet, L., Lecerf, F., Mulsant, P.H. and Bodin, L.

  • Premature luteal regression in superovulated goats induced to ovulate with GnRH or hCG
    Saleh, M., Gauly, M. and Holtz, W.

  • Ovarian functionning and its relationship with changes in live weight of maiden fat-tailed Barbarine ewes
    Ben Salem, I. and Rekik, M.

  • Effect of rbst treatmen on productive and reproductive performance of ewes
    Abd El-Khalek, A.E. and Ashmawy, T.A.

  • Hemoglobin type and some productive and reproductive traits in ossimi, chios and their F cross ewes
    El-Barody, M., Sallam, M., Marzouk, K., Haider, A. and Morsy, A.

  • Sperm viability in frozen goat semen as affected by egg yolk level, dilution rate, type of freezing and month of the year
    Sallam, A.A., Ashmawy, T.A. and El-Saidy, B.E.


Poster Session 25