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Session 36. Animal Nutrition Free Communications

Date: 26 August ‘09; 14:00 - 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Lindberg (SE)


Theatre Session 36


Poster Session 36

  • Nutritive value of Foxtail millet grown in different sowing date and density as a source of forage for animal nutrition
    Torbatinejad, N., Galeshi, S., Ghoorchi, T. and Moslemipur, F.

  • Optimizing of rapeseed meal use for broiler chicks
    Golzar-Adabi, S., Kamali, M.A. and Moslemipur, F.

  • Effects of Calf Biogenic Anti-Scour (CBAS) supplementation of milk on serum concentrations of IgG, insulin, IGF-, glucose and albumin, and on weaning date and TSFDM in newborn Holstein calves
    Ghorbani, R., Torbatinejad, N.M., Rahmani, H.R., Hassani, S. and Moslemipur, F.

  • Effects of feed form and nutrient requirements on performance, mortality and meat yield cost of broiler chicks
    Samiei, R., Yaghobfar, A., Dastar, B. and Moslemipur, F.

  • Degradability characteristics of dry matter and crud protein of triticale silage treated with microbial additive, molasses and urea in fattening male calves
    Kocheh Loghmani, M., Forughi, A.R. and Tahmasebi, A.M.

  • Compensatory growth features after two periods of feed restriction in Dalagh rams
    Safarzadeh-Torghabeh, H., Ghoorchi, T., Hassani, S. and Moslemipur, F.

  • Protected protein sources may reduce nitrogen excretion of dairy cattle and soybean meal import
    De Campeneere, S., De Boever, J.L. and De Brabander, D.L.

  • Effect of clinoptilolite zeolite on daily gain, carcass characteristics, blood characteristics, physiological reactions and feeding behaviors in Holstein beef steers
    Yazdani, A.R. and Hajilari, D.

  • Changes on milk fatty acid composition in cow´s milk after supplementation
    Roca Fernández, A.I., González Rodríguez, A., Vázquez Yáńez, O.P. and Fernández Casado, J.A.

  • Utilization of treated vegetable and fruit market waste silage in feeding lactating goats
    Khattab, M.S.A., Abo El-Nor, S.A.H., Kholif, S.M., El-Sayed, H.M. and Khorsheed, M.M.

  • Juveniles of Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum fed with lyophilized bovine colostrum: IGF-I expression in muscle and intestine
    Pauletti, P., Rodrigues, A.P.O., Cyrino, J.E.P. and Machado-Neto, R.

  • Influence of full-fat sunflower seed on performance and blood parameters of broiler chickens
    Nassiri Moghaddam, H., Salari, S., Arshami, J. and Golian, A.G.

  • Is mastitis occurrence related to feeding management in dairy herds?
    Froidmont, E., Delfosse, C., Planchon, V., Bartiaux-Thill, N., Hanzen, C., Humblet, M.F., Théron, L., Beduin, J.M., Bertozzi, C., Piraux, E. and Jadoul, T.

  • Chemical composition and degradability parameters of raw and toasted Iranian Lathyrus sativus seed
    Golizadeh, M., Riasi, A., Fathi, M.H., Naeemipoor, H., Allahrasani, A. and Farhangfar, H.

  • The effect of vanilla flavoured calf starter on performance of Holstein calves
    Fathi Nasri, M.H., Riasi, A., Arab, A., Kamalalavi, M., Vosoughi, V. and Farhangfar, H.

  • The effects of polyethylen glycol supplement on in vitro gas production of canola hybrids and canola meals
    Kilic, U.

  • Evaluating rations for high producing dairy cows using three metabolic models
    Swanepoel, N., Robinson, P.H. and Erasmus, L.J.

  • Vitamin C supplementation did not affect performance and carcass characters of broiler chicks under normal conditions
    Dashab, G.H., Mehri, M., Keikha-Saber, M., Sadeghi, G.H. and Alipanah, M.

  • Effects of vitamin C supplementation on blood variables in broiler chicks
    Mehri, M., Dashab, G.H., Keikha-Saber, M., Sadeghi, G.H. and Ebadi-Tabrizi, A.R.

  • Nitrogenous compounds balance and microbial protein production in crossbred heifers fed forage cactus, sugar cane bagasse and urea associated to different supplements
    Pessoa, R.A.S., Ferreira, M.A., Leăo, M.I., Valadares Filho, S.C., Silva, F.M., Bispo, S.V. and Farias, I.

  • Forage cactus, sugar cane bagasse and urea associated to different supplements in diets for crossbred heifers performance
    Pessoa, R.A.S., Ferreira, M.A., Leăo, M.I., Valadares Filho, S.C., Silva, F.M., Bispo, S.V. and Farias, I.

  • Effects of monensin and increasing crude protein in early lactation on performance of dairy cows
    Ghorbani, B., Ghoorchi, T., Amanloo, H. and Zerehdaran, S.

  • Evaluation of polyethylenglycol (PEG) as an indigestible marker for dairy ewes fed indoors or grazing
    Caja, G., Ralha, V.M. and Albanell, E.

  • Importance of mountain forage for evaluation of feeds and biodiversity protection of protected landscape area of the Czech Republic
    Koukolová, V., Homolka, P. and Jančík, F.

  • The effect of Akomed R and lipase on the performance and carcass characteristics in early weaned rabbits
    Zita, L., Tůmová, E., Bízková, Z., Ledvinka, Z. and Stádník, L.

  • High dietary crude protein clearly affects dry matter intake, milk production and nitrogen metabolism in fresh cows
    Ghelich Khan, M., Amanlou, H. and Mahjoubi, E.

  • Serum enzyme status of Chios ewes fed increasing amounts of copper from copper sulfate
    Bampidis, V.A., Christodoulou, V., Chatzipanagiotou, A., Sossidou, E. and Salangoudis, A.

  • Critical impacts of high dietary crude protein on dry matter intake, blood metabolites and energy balance in fresh cows
    Ghelich Khan, M., Amanlou, H. and Mahjoubi, E.

  • Use of textile industry by-products of boehmeria nivea as livestock feed
    Pace, V., Carfě, F. and Contň, G.

  • Effects of propionic acid, formic acid and molasses plus urea on corn silage microorganisms
    Ghanbari, F., Ghoorchi, T., Khomeiri, M., Ebrahimi, T. and Hosseindoost, A.

  • Effects of canola meal diets on growth performance, carcass characteristics and thyroid hormones in finishing lambs
    Ghoorchi, T., Rezaeipour, V., Hasani, S. and Ghorbani, G.R.

  • Strategies for decreasing environmental emissions and pollution through animal nutrition
    Denev, S.A., Petkov, G.S. and Mihailova, G.S.

  • Parcial replacement of soy bean meal by urea on Giralanda lactation cows ration
    Saran Netto, A.S., Fernandes, R.H.R., Barcelos, B., Conti, R.M.C. and Lima, Y.V.R.

  • Body condition scoring method for the blue fox (Alopex lagopus )
    Kempe, R., Koskinen, N., Peura, J., Koivula, M. and Strandén, I.

  • Composition and effect of feeding date by products on ewes and lamb performances
    Najar, T., Ayadi, M., Casals, R., Ben M’rad, M., Bouabidi, M.A., Such, X. and Caja, G.

  • Effect of nitrogen supply on inter-organ urea flux in dairy cows
    Rřjen, B.A. and Kristensen, N.B.

  • Nutrient composition of the Iberian sow’s milk: effect of environmental temperature
    Aguinaga, M.A., Haro, A., Castellano, R., Seiquer, I., Nieto, R. and Aguilera, J.F.

  • The non-volatile organic acids content in Italian green crops
    Pezzi, P., Fusaro, I., Manetta, A.C., Angelozzi, G. and Formigoni, A.

  • Blood biochemical changes and sperm quality in bulls fed diet with dry extract from Tribulus Terrestris
    Petkova, M., Grigorova, S. and Abadjieva, D.

  • The effect of concentrate to forage ratios on Ruminococcus albus population in rumen fluid of Holstein steers determined by real-time PCR
    Vakili, A.R., Danesh Mesgaran, M., Heravi Musavi, A., Hosseinkhani, A., Yáńez Ruiz, D.R. and Newbold, C.J.

  • Effects of pellet size and sodium bentonite on growth and performance of milk fed Brown Swiss calves
    Rastpoor, H., Foroughi, A.R., Shahdadi, A.R., Saremi, B., Naserian, A.A. and Rahimi, A.

  • Effects of pelleted starter and different levels of sodium bentonite on blood and ruminal metabolites and nutrient digestibilitiy of neonatal dairy calves
    Shahdadi, A.R., Foroughi, A.R., Rastpoor, H., Saremi, B., Naserian, A.A. and Rahimi, A.

  • Prevalence of propanol fermentation in corn silage
    Raun, B.M.L. and Kristensen, N.B.

  • Growth performance and feeding behaviour of cattle supplemented with different levels of babasu palm (Orbignya phalerata ) silage
    Faria, P.B., Babilônia, J.L., Bressan, M.C., Rodrigues, M.C.O., Silva, D.C., Anjos, M.A., Morais, S.B., Pereira, A.A. and Gama, L.T.

  • The effects of supplemented diet with fish oil and canola oil during transition period to early lactation on milk yield, dry matter intake, and metabolic responses of early lactating dairy cows
    Vafa, T.S., Naserian, A.A., Heravi Mousavi, A.R., Valizadeh, R., Danesh Mesgaran, M. and Khorashadizadeh, M.A.

  • Aerobic preservation of brewer´s grains with a blend of chemical substances
    Acosta Aragón, Y., Kreici, A., Roth, N., Klimitsch, A. and Pasteiner, S.

  • Feeding value of Kangar (Gandelia tournefortii ) hay and the growth performance of Bluchi lambs fed by diets containing this hay
    Valizadeh, R., Madayni, M., Sobhanirad, S. and Salemi, M.

  • Effect of supplementation of NSP enzymes in association with phytase on egg production parameters in laying hens fed maize and soybean meal based diet
    Mathlouthi, N., Massaoudi, I., Sassi, T., Majdoub-Mathlouthi, L., Uzu, G. and Bergaoui, R.

  • The effect of compost residue obtained from edible fungi (Pleurotus Florida ) production in fattening performance of crossbred Taleshi-Holstein calves
    Mirza Aghazadeh, A., Pasha Zanousi, M. and Taha Yazdi, M.

  • Effect of electron-charging of feed and water on the blood characteristics in growing lamb
    Iwakura, T., Sato, K., Kojima, K., Niidome, K. and Tobioka, H.

  • Use of PCR method for Enteroccocci identification in gastrointestinal tract of poultry after probiotics application
    Kačániová, M., Fikselová, M., Nováková, I., Pavličová, S. and Haščík, P.

  • Affect the presence of B/R translocation the nutritional value of wheat (Triticum aestivum )
    Kodes, A., Hucko, B., Dvoracek, V., Stehno, Z., Mudrik, Z. and Plachy, V.L.

  • Improving utilization of agricultural by-products using biological treatments
    Mohamed, M.I., Boraie, M.A., Salama, R., Abd-Allah, S.A.E., Fadel, M. and El-Kady, R.I.

  • The effect of different levels of beef tallow in diet on microbial protein supply and protozoal population fluctuation in rumen of Sheep
    Ashabi, S.M., Jafari Khorshidi, K., Rezaeian, M. and Kioumarsi, H.

  • Effects of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae on ruminal ciliate population in Ghizel sheep
    Taghizadeh, A., Ansari, A., Janmohamadi, H. and Zarini, G.

  • Effects of chemical and physical treatments on antinutritional factors in grass pea (Lathyrus sativus )
    Vahdani, N., Dehgan-Banadaki, M. and Moravej, H.

  • The evaluation of three ruminal degradability models using the plot of residuals against predicted values
    Fathi Nasri, M.H., Danesh Mesgaran, M. and Farhangfar, H.

  • Can the beet pulp feeding reduce BCS in fat cows?
    Mahjoubi, E., Amanlou, H., Zahmatkesh, D., Ghelich Khan, M., Aghaziarati, N. and Siari, S.

  • Utilization of artichoke (Cynara scdymus l .) by-product in feeding growing rabbits
    Abdel-Magid, S. and Awadalla, I.

  • Visualizing energy balance in murciano-granadina dairy goats by artificial neural networks
    Fernández, C., Cerisuelo, A., Piquer, O., Martínez, M. and Soria, E.

  • Proteosyntetic activity in the rumen of dairy cows
    Mudrik, Z., Hucko, B., Kodes, A., Plachy, V. and Bojanovsky, J.

  • Effect of condensed tannins in the gas production in vitro
    Borba, A., Vieira, S., Silva, S., Rego, O. and Vouzela, C.

  • Palatability of grass pea (Lathyrus sativus ) as alternative forage in Iran
    Vahdani, N., Rezayazdi, K. and Dehgan-Banadaki, M.

  • Evaluation of nutritional value of barley distillers’ grain supplementing with different silage additives
    Tahmasbi, A.M., Kazemi, M., Valizadeh, R., Danesh Mesgaran, M. and Gholami Hossein Abad, F.

  • Correlation of in vitro gas production and in situ technique for evaluation of tomato pomace degradability
    Safari, R., Valizadeh, R., Tahmasbi, A. and Bayat, J.

  • Application of biophysical methods for soybean quality assessment
    Caprita, R. and Caprita, A.

  • In vitro gas production technique to determining of nutritive value of various sources of citrus pulp
    Bayat Koohsar, J., Tahmasebi, A.M., Nasserian, A.A., Valizadeh, R. and Safari, R.

  • Effects of protected fat supplements on total tract digestion, and plasma metabolites of early lactation Holstein Cows
    Ganjkhanlou, M., Reza Yazdi, K., Ghorbani, G.R., Morravege, H., Dehghan Banadaki, M. and Zali, A.

  • Examining the efficiency of the semi substitution of the maize with a by-products obtained by manufacturing vegetables and fruits in mixtures for growing and fattening pigs
    Cilev, G., Sinovec, Z., Palashevski, B. and Pacinovski, N.