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Session 37. Animal Physiology Free Communications

Date: 26 August ‘09; 14:00 - 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Ratky (HU)


Theatre Session 37


Poster Session 37

  • Effects of lipoxygenase metabolites of arachidonic acid on the placental matrix metalloproteinase activation
    Kamada, H., Nakamura, M., Kadokawa, H. and Murai, M.

  • Timing of the LH peak and P4 blood concentration after the ovulations in buffalo cows during different superovulatory treatments
    Terzano, G.M., Malfatti, A., Todini, L., Barile, V.L., Maschio, M., Razzano, M. and Mazzi, M.

  • Physiophatological response of lactating ewes under different feeding systems
    Álvarez-Rodríguez, J., Sanz, A., Uriarte, J. and Joy, M.

  • Administration of recombinant bovine tumor necrosis factor-alpha affects hormone release in lactating cows
    Kushibiki, S., Shingu, H., Moriya, N., Komatsu, T., Itoh, F., Kasuya, E. and Hodate, K.

  • Peripartal metabolic adaptations in naturally scrapie-infected and healthy ewes
    Álvarez-Rodríguez, J., Sanz, A., Monzón, M., Garza, C., Badiola, J.J. and Monleón, E.

  • Influence of porcine oviductal fluid on motion parameters in ejaculated and epididymal boar sperm
    Avilés López, K., Carvajal, J.A., García Vázquez, F.A. and Matás, C.

  • Lactational Pattern of milk yield and milk composition in dairy buffaloes
    Ambord, S. and Bruckmaier, R.M.

  • The effect of heat stress on oestrus intensity of heifers and multiparous Jersey cows
    Soydan, E., Onder, H. and Kuran, M.

  • Oral progestagen and colostrogenesis in primiparous sows
    Foisnet, A. and Quesnel, H.

  • The effects of antioxidant therapy on sheep pregnancies at high altitude are present before rapid fetal growing period
    Parraguez, V.H., Carmona, K., Alegría, D., Urquieta, B., Galleguillos, M. and Raggi, L.

  • Effect of dietary energy level on follicle and oocyte quality during post-partum period in dairy cows
    Räty, M., Mikkola, M., Dufort, I., Gravel, C., Tammiranta, N., Taponen, J., Mäntysaari, P., Ketoja, E., Sirard, M.-A. and Peippo, J.

  • CFTR and NHE proteins: localization and functional significance in sheep (Ovis aries ) sperm cells
    Muzzachi, S., Guerra, L., Ciani, E., Castellana, E. and Casavola, V.

  • Effect of various levels of Vitamins E and C in milk and tris extenders on characteristics of Atabay ram semen in frozen condition
    Jafari Ahangari, Y., Parizadian, B. and Zerehdaran, S.

  • The maternal effect and different uterine body environments on reproductive traits of Cheviot and Suffolk male lambs
    Jafari Ahangari, Y., Smith, S. and Blair, H.

  • Preimplantational embryo mortality in the rabbit: intrinsic or maternal factors
    Lopez-Bejar, M., Mayor, P. and Lopez-Gatius, F.

  • Effect of the addition of vitamins E and C on survival and motility characteristics of local fowls semen
    Jafari Ahangari, Y. and Karamzadeh Omrani, H.

  • Effect of transient hypo- and hyperthyroidism on reproductive parameters of Iranian broiler breeder hens
    Akhlaghi, A., Zare Shahne, A., Zamiri, M.J., Nejati Javaremi, A., Rahimi Mianji, G., Jafari Ahangari, Y., Molla Salehi, M.R. and Falahati, M.

  • Reproductive responses and hepatic gene expression of GHR of Iranian broiler line hens to transient hyperthyroidism
    Akhlaghi, A., Zare Shahne, A., Zamiri, M.J., Nejati Javaremi, A., Rahimi Mianji, G., Jafari Ahangari, Y., Daliri, M. and Deldar, H.

  • Effect of transient hypothyroidism on hepatic gene expression of GHR and reproductive parameters of Iranian broiler line hens
    Akhlaghi, A., Zare Shahne, A., Zamiri, M.J., Nejati Javaremi, A., Rahimi Mianji, G., Jafari Ahangari, Y., Daliri, M. and Deldar, H.

  • Milk composition and fatty acid profile modelling along milking, lactation and lifetime
    Baro, J.A. and Martinez Villamor, V.

  • Soybean lecithin is suitable cryoprotectant for cryopreservation of ram semen
    Sharafi, M., Nasr-Esfahani, M.H., Nili, N. and Nassiri Moghaddam, H.