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Session 47. Feed additives to improve diet utilisation

Date: 27 August ‘09; 08:30 - 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Van Duinkerken (NL)


Theatre Session 47


Poster Session 47

  • Effect of rumen-protected methionine and choline on plasma metabolites of Holstein dairy cows
    Ardalan, M., Rezayazdi, K. and Dehghan-Banadaky, M.

  • Impact of feeding fungal treated linseed hulls on nutrients digestibility, nutritive value, nitrogen balance and some rumen and blood parameters of sheep
    Abedo, A.A., Sobhy, H.M., Mikhail, W.A., Abo-Donia, F.M. and El-Gamal, K.M.

  • Effects of feeding zinc sources on biochemical parameters, concentration of some hormones and zinc in serum of Holstein dairy cows
    Sobhanirad, S., Valizadeh, R., Moghimi, A. and Naserian, A.

  • The productive performance of Egyptian dairy buffaloes receiving biosynthetic bovine somatotropin (rbST) with or without monensin
    Helal, F.I.S. and Lasheen, M.A.

  • Effect of dietary inorganic chromium supplementation on rumen microbial fermentation rate using invitro gas production
    Ghiasi, S.E., Valizadeh, R., Naserian, A.A. and Tahmasbi, A.M.

  • Effects of an amylase inhibitor (acarbose) on ruminal fermentation and animal metabolism in lactating cows fed a high-carbohydrate ration
    Blanch, M., Calsamiglia, S., Devant, M. and Bach, A.

  • The effect of cinnamaldehyde, eugenol and a garlic oil standardized in propyl propyl thiosulfonate content on rumen fermentation and on methane production measured with gas production technique
    Cavini, S., Calsamiglia, S., Bravo, D., Rodriguez, M., Schroeder, G. and Ferret, A.

  • Effect of medicinal herbs or spices on in vitro ruminal nutrients disappearance of alfalfa hay
    Jahani-Azizabadi, H., Danesh Mesgaran, M., Vakili, A.R. and Heravi Moussavi, A.R.

  • Effect of cinnamaldehyde, eugenol and capsicum on methane production from DDGS
    Bravo, D., Calsamiglia, S., Doane,, P.H. and Pyatt, N.A.

  • Lactobacillus crispatus as an effective probiotic candidate among lactic acid bacteria for chickens
    Taheri, H.R., Moravej, H., Tabandeh, F., Zaghari, M. and Shivazad, M.

  • The effect of feed composition and delayed access to feed in the neonatal period on broiler chick’s performance
    Tabeidian, S.A., Samei, A., Pourreza, J. and Sadeghi, G.H.

  • Effects of E. coli phytase supplementation to diet on the performance and bone mineralization in broilers
    Han, Y.K., Lee, W.I. and Shen, S.Y.

  • The effects of Natuzyme supplementation on performance of broilers fed a threonine deficient diet
    Khalaji, S., Zaghari, M. and Shivazad, M.

  • Effects of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae on rumen fermentation and blood parameters in Ghizel sheep
    Ansari, A. and Taghizadeh, A.

  • An in vitro study of antimicrobial activity of clove and garlic essential oils and neomycin on rumen fluid
    Ghanbari, F., Ghoorchi, T., Ebrahimi, T. and Khomeiri, M.

  • Effects of dietary probiotic, prebiotic and butyric acid glycerides on Coccidiosis in broiler chickens
    Taherpour, K., Moravej, H., Shivazad, M., Adibmoradi, M. and Yakhchali, B.

  • Effect of a mannanoligosaccharide on the growth performance and immune status of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss )
    Staykov, Y., Spring, P., Denev, S. and Sweetman, J.