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Session 48. Cattle Network: Sustainable production in Mediterranean countries

Date: 27 August ‘09; 08:30 - 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Bonnet (FR)


Theatre Session 48


Poster Session 48

  • Cadmium, lead and arsenic in liver, kidney and meat in calves from extensive breedin in Castilla y León (Spain)
    Escudero-Población, A., Gonzalez-Montaña, J.R., Prieto-Montaña, F.R., Gutierrez-Chavez, A.J. and Benedito-Castellote, J.L.

  • Possibility for increasing of nucleus herd size of simmental cattle in Serbia
    Stjelja, S., Bogdanovic, V., Djedovic, R. and Perisic, P.

  • Optimal age at first calving for improved milk yield and long productive life in Holsteins under tropical conditions
    Ben Gara, A., Rekik, B., Hammami, H. and Hamdene, M.

  • Performance of Friesian cattle under two environmental conditions
    Badran, A.E., Aziz, M.A. and Sharaby, M.A.

  • Estimation of genetic parameters and breeding values from single- and multipletrait animal models analysis for Friesian cattle
    Oudah, E.Z.M.

  • Udder health traits as related to economic milk losses in Friesian cattle
    El-Awady, H.G. and Oudah, E.Z.M.

  • Evaluation of German Holstein Friesian cattle at Goht Al-Sultan farm, Libya I. genetics and environmental factors affecting milk yield and reproductive traits
    Mohamed, S., Almasli, I., Gargoum, R. and Abusneina, A.