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Session 52. Animal Nutrition Free Communications

Date: 27 August ‘09; 14:00 - 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Lindberg (SE)


Theatre Session 52

  • Prediction of protein supply from bio-ethanol co-products by the National Research Council Model and Dutch System (DVE/OEB)
    Nuez, W. and Yu, P.

  • Effects of feeding protected linseed or fish oil on the lipid composition and characteristics of Suffolk ram semen
    Estuty, N., Chikunya, S. and Scaife, J.

  • Comparing the in vitro proteolysis of feed proteins described with an exponential model using three different enzymes
    Guedes, C.M., Lourenço, A., Rodrigues, M., Cone, J.W., Silva, S.R. and Dias-Da-Silva, A.

  • Use of principal component analysis to illustrate the relationships between rumen protein degradation and the composition of nitrogen fraction
    Guedes, C.M., Lourenço, A., Rodrigues, M., Cone, J.W., Silva, S.R. and Dias-Da-Silva, A.

  • Effects of pressure toasting on in situ degradability and intestinal protein and protein-free organic matter digestibility of rapeseed
    Azarfar, A., Ferreira, C.S., Goelema, J.O. and Van Der Poel, A.F.B.

  • In vitro gas production as a technique to characterise the degradative behaviour of feedstuffs
    Azarfar, A. and Tamminga, S.

  • Liquid feed fermented with a Lactobacillus strain with probiotic properties, reduces susceptibility of broiler chickens to Salmonella enterica typhimurium Salnalr
    Savvidou, S., Beal, J.D., La Ragione, R.M. and Brooks, P.H.

  • In situ degradation of fresh and frozen-thawed N-labelled alfalfa and ryegrass
    Tahmasbi, R., Nolan, J.V. and Dobos, R.C.

  • An evaluation of the factors affecting the rate and extent of NDF digestion and a mathematical procedure for defining rates of digestion
    Raffrenato, E., Van Soest, P.J. and Van Amburgh, M.E.

  • Effect of using different rumen fluid to buffer ratios on the in vitro degradability and fermentation profile of forages
    Khan, M.M.H. and Chaudhry, A.S.

  • The performance of Iberian piglets growing fromtokg BW as affected by the protein: energy ratio in the diet and the level of feeding
    Conde-Aguilera, J.A., Aguinaga, M.A., Aguilera, J.F. and Nieto, R.

  • Nutritional composition of microalgal biomass for biodiesel production as animal feed
    Hurtado, A., Vázquez, P., Alonso, I., Guarnizo, P., Hidasi, N., Núnez, N., Lázaro, R. and García-Rebollar, P.

  • Effect of crude protein in milk replacer on heat production due to feed intake in veal calves
    Labussiere, E., Van Milgen, J., Dubois, S., Bertrand, G. and Noblet, J.

  • Antibody absorption by Santa Ines lambs fed bovine colostrum from Holstein cows or sheep colostrum from Santa Ines ewes
    Moretti, D.B., Pauletti, P., Kindlein, L. and Machado-Neto, R.

  • Evaluation of three wheat treatments for dairy cattle: rolled wheat, ensiled ground wheat and ensiled whole wheat in brewers’ grains
    De Campeneere, S., Vanacker, J. and De Brabander, D.L.

  • Supplementation of high and low crude protein diets with chitosan promotes Enterobacteria in the caecum and colon and subsequently increases manure odour emissions from finisher pigs
    O’shea, C.J., Lynch, M.B., Callan, J.J. and O’doherty, J.V.

  • Nutritional quality of gamma and electron beam-irradiated canola meal
    Taghinejad, M.


Poster Session 52

  • Effect of sorghum silage on rumen microbial counts in buffalo
    Chiariotti, A., Puppo, S., Grandoni, F., Barile, V.L. and Antonelli, S.

  • Assessment of nutritional and chemical changes in rice straw during drying
    Coelho, M. and Robinson, P.H.

  • Determination of apparent metabolizable energy of sunflower seed meal in broiler chickens
    Nassiri Moghaddam, H., Salari, S., Arshami, J. and Golian, A.

  • The effect of supplemented diet by sucrose and/or starch on Fibrobacter succinogenes population in ruminal fluid of Holstein steers determined by realtime PCR
    Danesh Mesgaran, M., Rezaii, F., Vakili, A.R. and Heravi Moussavi, A.

  • Effects of combination of ethylene di amine tetra acetic acid and microbial phytase on the serum concentration and digestibility of some minerals in broiler chicks
    Ebrahim Nezhad, Y., Eshrat Khah, B., Hatefi Nezhad, K. and Karkoodi, K.

  • Effect of biological treatment on chemical composition, nitrogen fraction and protein solubility of linseed straw
    Sobhy, H.M., Mikhail, W.A., Abo-Donia, F.M., Abedo, A.A., El-Gamal, K.M. and Fadel, M.

  • In vitro fermentation profile of Solanum lycocarpum St hil. volatile fatty acid response
    Lima Neto, H., Chaudhry, A.S. and Khan, M.M.H.

  • Nutritive value assessment for some Acacia species grown in Saudi Arabia
    Al-Soqeer, A.A.

  • Effect of replacement alfalfa with tanniniferous feedstuff (dried grape by-product) on rumen protozoa population
    Taghizadeh, A. and Besharati, M.

  • Voluntary feed intake, nutrient digestibility and rumen fermentation characteristics of Iranian Balouchi sheep fed Kochia scoparia
    Riasi, A., Danesh Mesgaran, M. and Fathi, M.H.

  • Effects of ascorbic acid, α -tocopherol and red chicory on in vitro hind-gut fermentation of two pig feeds
    Cattani, M., Tagliapietra, F. and Schiavon, S.

  • Fermentation characteristics and ruminal microbial population in buffaloes fed low, medium or high concentrate based diets
    Mirza Aghazadeh, A., Gholipour, G. and Mansouri, H.

  • The effect of replacing corn silage with triticale silage on the performance of feedlot Zel lambs
    Hajilari, D., Yazdani, A.R., Fazaeli, H., Zerehdaran, S. and Mohajer, M.

  • Chemical composition, antinutritional factors and in vitro fermentability of two chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) varieties
    Ronchi, B., Danieli, P.P., Primi, R., Bernabucci, U. and Bani, P.

  • Effect of biological treatments on recovery, in-situ disappearance, chemical composition and nutritive value of some desert by-products
    El-Bordeny, N.E., Abo-Eid, H.A., Salem, M.F., El-Ashry, M.A. and Khorshed, M.M.

  • Reaplacing triticale silage treated with microbial additive and molasses with corn silage on performance of fattening male calves
    Kocheh Loghmani, M., Forughi, A.R. and Tahmasebi, A.M.

  • Effects of extruded linen seed incorporation on lamb’s growth, carcass and meat quality and fatty acids profile
    Saidi, C., Atti, N., Mehouachi, M. and Methlouthi, N.

  • The effect of feeding triticale, corn and wheat on the performance of crossbred feedlot cattle
    Yazdani, A.R. and Hajilari, D.

  • Ascorbic acid, α -tocopherol acetate and wine marc extract incubated in vitro with rumen fluid: gas production and fermentation products
    Tagliapietra, F., Cattani, M., Bailoni, L. and Schiavon, S.

  • In vitro fermentation of diets incorporating different levels of carob pulp
    Gasmi-Boubaker, A., Bergaoui, R., Khaldi, A. and Mosquera-Losada, R.

  • The effect of heat treatment on protein quality of soybean
    Sudzinová, J., Chrenková, M., Čerešňáková, Z., Mlyneková, Z. and Mihina, Š.

  • Effect of folic acid and panthothenic acid supplementation on ruminal metabolism and nutrient flow at the duodenum
    Ragaller, V., Lebzien, P., Huether, L. and Flachowsky, G.

  • The effect of various mechanical processing on in situ degradation of sugar beet pulp
    Mojtahedi, M., Danesh Mesgaran, M., Heravi Moussavi, A. and Tahmasbi, A.

  • In situ dry matter and crud protein degradability of raw and steamed Iranian Lathyrus sativus seed
    Golizadeh, M., Riasi, A., Fathi, M.H. and Allahrasani, A.

  • Effect of fungal treatment of linseed hulls on chemical composition, nitrogen fraction and protein solubility
    Abedo, A.A., Sobhy, H.M., Mikhail, W.A., Abo-Donia, F.M., Fadel, M. and El-Gamal, K.M.

  • Comparison of grass species influence on dry matter degradability and its prediction using chemical composition
    Jančík, F., Homolka, P. and Koukolová, V.

  • Yeast cultures in ruminant nutrition
    Denev, S.A., Peeva, T.Z., Radulova, P., Stancheva, N., Staykova, G., Beev, G., Todorova, P. and Tchobanova, S.

  • Effect of a dietary sulfur amino acid deficiency on the amino acid composition of body proteins in piglets
    Conde-Aguilera, J.A., Barea, R. and Van Milgen, J.

  • Effect of raw material for distillers grains production on protein quality for ruminants
    Chrenková, M., Čerešňáková, Z., Sudzinová, J., Fľak, P., Poláčiková, M. and Mlyneková, Z.

  • Impact of drying on in vitro gas production of rice straw
    Santos, M., Nader, G., Robinson, P.H., Gomes, M.J. and Juchem, S.O.

  • Energy expenditure of splanchnic tissues relative to the total in Iberian growing gilts
    Lachica, M., Rodríguez-López, J.M., González-Valero, L. and Fernández-Fígares, I.

  • An individual double choice test to study preferences for nutrients and other tastants in weaned pigs
    Tedo, G., Ruiz-De La Torre, J.L., Manteca, X., Colom, C. and Roura, E.

  • Comparison of splanchnic tissues mass of two sheep breeds offered two diets differing in roughage level
    Gomes, M.J., Silva, S., Mena, E., Azevedo, J.M.T., Lourenço, A. and Dias-Da-Silva, A.

  • Ruminal dry matter degradation of sodium hydroxide treated cottonseed hulls using in situ technique
    Faramarzi-Garmroodi, A., Danesh Mesgaran, M., Jahani-Azizabadi, H., Vakili, A.R., Tahmasbi, A. and Heravi Moussavi, A.R.

  • Protein digestibility of different varieties of white lupine
    Homolka, P., Jančík, F. and Koukolová, V.

  • Impact of heat treatment on rumen degradability of barley grain
    Nemati, Z. and Tagizadeh, A.

  • Kinetics of fermentation of straw from different varieties of chick peas
    Kafilzadeh, F. and Maleki, E.

  • Removal of tannins can cause improvements in ruminal cell wall degradation and total tract apparent NDF digestibility of sainfoin (Onobrychis vicifolia )
    Rezayazdi, K., Khalilvandi-Behroozyar, H. and Dehghan-Banadaki, M.

  • Effects of zinc supplementation on growth performance, blood metabolites and lameness in Holstein male calves
    Fagari-Nobijari, H., Amanlo, H. and Dehghan-Banadaky, M.

  • Determination of nutritive value of Iran fruit and vegetable residues in autumn using in vitro and in vivo techniques
    Karkoodi, K., Fazaeli, F. and Ebrahimnezhad, Y.

  • Performance enhancement by using acidifiers in poultry diets
    Urbaityte, R., Roth, N. and Acosta Aragon, Y.

  • Effect of tannin deactivation on in vitro digestibility of grass pea (Lathyrus sativus )
    Vahdani, N., Moravej, H. and Dehgan-Banadaki, M.

  • Comparision of in situ crude protein degradability and gas production of grass pea (Lathyrus sativus )
    Vahdani, N., Rezayazdi, K. and Moravej, H.

  • Evaluation of the effects of four types of enzyme based xylanase and β -glucanase on the performance, wet litter and jejunal digesta viscosity of broilers fed wheat/barley-based diet
    Shirzadi, H., Moravej, H. and Shivazad, M.

  • Effect size and density of rumen papillae in the dependence on composition of diet
    Hucko, B., Kodes, A., Mudrik, Z. and Christodoulou, V.

  • Influences of ensiling wet barley distillers’ grain with sugar beet pulp on lactating performance of dairy cows
    Tahmasbi, A.M., Kazemi, M., Valizadeh, R., Danesh Mesgran, M. and Gholami Hossein Abad, F.

  • Assessment of nutritional values of Caraway seed pulp (CSP) by in situ and in vitro technique
    Tahmasbi, A.M., Moheghi, M.M., Nasserian, A., Aslaminejad, A.G. and Kazemi, M.

  • Correlation between in vitro gas production and in situ technique for evaluation of various sources of dried citrus pulp
    Bayat Koohsar, J., Safari, R., Tahmasebi, A.M., Nasserian, A.A. and Valizadeh, R.

  • Dry matte degradation of various sources of citrus pulp measured by mobile nylon bag technique
    Bayat Koohsar, J., Safari, R., Tahmasebi, A.M., Nasserian, A.A. and Valizadeh, R.

  • Effects of protected fat supplements in relation to parity on production of early lactation Holstein Cows
    Ganjkhanlou, M., Ghorbani, G.R., Raza Yazdi, K., Dehghan Banadaki, M., Morraveg, H. and Yang, W.Z.

  • The potential of feeding goats sun dried rumen contents with or without bacterial inoculums from slaughtered animals as replacement for berseem clover and the effects on lactating goats productive performance
    Khattab, H.M., Kholif, A.E., Gado, H.M., Mansour, A.M. and Kholif, A.M.

  • The comparison of different treatment of chicken pea in broiler chicken
    Moeini, M., Heidari, M. and Sanjabi, M.R.

  • Impact of tolerance thresholds for unapproved GM soy on the EU feed sector
    Aramyan, L., Van Wagenberg, C., Backus, G. and Valeeva, N.