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Barcelona 2009 Sessions

  • Plenary Session

  • Session 1. Local breeds: what future? 1. Selection

  • Session 2. Symposium on protein metabolism and N excretion in dairy cattle

  • Session 3. The impact of competition between food, feed and fuel on livestock industry

  • Session 4. Impact of global market on cattle breeding programs and practices

  • Session 5. Nutrition and product quality

  • Session 7. Dog breeding and behaviour

  • Session 8. Sustainability in livestock production gains from improved coordination of livestock research

  • Session 9. Local breeds: what future? 2. Farming systems and products

  • Session 10. EAAP-ASAS-ADSA Growth and Development Symposium

  • Session 11. Future of non-production traits for breeding and management of beef and dairy husbandry

  • Session 12. Indicators and analysis of risk factors in livestock welfare

  • Session 13. Practical strategies and tools for the genetic management of farm animal populations

  • Session 14. Genetics of meat animals free communications

  • Session 15. Dairy genetics free communications

  • Session 16. FABRE-TP Technology platform in animal breeding: updating of the EC strategic research agenda

  • Session 18. Practical implementation of marker-assisted selection in pig and poultry breeding

  • Session 19. Horse genetics with special emphasis on defects and longevity

  • Session 20. Are organic farming systems sustainable?

  • Session 21. What contributes to low still birth and succesfull herd replacement in cattle?

  • Session 22. Promising applications of Nutrigenomics in animal science

  • Session 23. Animal transportation (welfare, handling, risk assessment, economics)

  • Session 24. Selection in harsh environments: methods and results and sheep and goat genetics free communications

  • Session 25. Sheep and Goat reproduction

  • Session 26. Physiology and genetics of stress and behaviour

  • Session 27. Methods to assess livestock farming systems dynamics: adaptive strategies to changing socio-economic environment

  • Session 28. Genomic selection

  • Session 29. Reproduction technologies in horses

  • Session 30. Management and processing for high quality forages

  • Session 32. Animal fibre science

  • Session 33. Animal genetics (methodology) free communications

  • Session 34. Livestock farming systems free communications

  • Session 35. Animal Management and Health Free Communications

  • Session 36. Animal Nutrition Free Communications

  • Session 37. Animal Physiology Free Communications

  • Session 38. Cattle Production Free Communications

  • Session 39. Horse Production (management and nutrition)

  • Session 40. Pig Production Free Communications

  • Session 41. Sheep and Goat Production Free Communications

  • Session 42. Health issues and immunocompetence in pig production

  • Session 43. Symposium on ‘Advances and use of electronic identification’

  • Session 44. The role of livestock farming in rural development

  • Session 45. Molecular tools for disease resistance

  • Session 46. Performance Horses. Open questions and challenges for future research and practice

  • Session 47. Feed additives to improve diet utilisation

  • Session 48. Cattle Network: Sustainable production in Mediterranean countries

  • Session 49a. Sheep and goat organic farming and product marketing

  • Session 49b. Free communications on sheep and goat feeding and breeding

  • Session 50a. Biosecurity and free range systems

  • Session 50b. Emerging zoonotic diseases

  • Session 51. Management of pig feeding: health, environment and social implications

  • Session 52. Animal Nutrition Free Communications

  • Session 53. Animal genetics (methodology) free communications

  • Session 54. Cattle Production Free Communications

  • Session 55. Incorporation of ethical considerations in professions in livestock industry