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Session 05b. Animal fibre science

Date: 23 August 2010; 10:45 - 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Renieri (IT)

Theatre Session 05

  • Nutritional and physiologically competitive factors affecting fine fibre production in animals
    Galbraith, H.
  • A two-locus model for the Suri/Huacaya phenotype in the alpaca (Vicugna pacos)
    Presciuttini, S., Valbonesi, A., Apaza Castillo, N., Antonini, M., Huanca Mamani, T. and Renieri, C.
  • The effect of weight loss on wool protein expression profiles in Australian Merino Lambs: a proteomic study using 1DE and Mass Spectrometry
    Almeida, A.M., Ariike, L., Kilminster, T., Scanlon, T., Greeff, J., Cardoso, L.A., Oldham, C. and Coelho, A.V.

Poster Session 05

  • Analysis of KIT (mast/stem cell growth factor receptor) mutations in the skin of merino sheep
    Saravanaperumal, S.A., Pediconi, D., Renieri, C. and La Terza, A.