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Session 08. New issues in meat quality in cattle

Date: 23 August 2010; 08:30 - 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Hocquette (FR)

Theatre Session 08

  • Future research priorities for animal production in a changing world 1 53
    Scollan, N.D., Greenwood, P.L., Newbold, C.J., Yanez Ruiz, D.R., Shingfield, K.J., Wallace, R.J. and Hocquette, J.F.
  • Improving the quality of red meat: the Australian lamb industry as an example 2 53
    Pethick, D.W., Banks, R. and Ball, A.
  • Effect of lipid-rich plant extract on the fatty acid composition of the phospholipid fraction of longissimus thoracis et lumborum
    Kim, E.J., Richardson, R.I., Lee, M.R.F., Gibson, K. and Scollan, N.D.
  • Effect of total replacement of sodium selenite with an organic source of selenium on quality of meat from double-muscled Belgian Blue bulls
    De Boever, M., De Smet, S., Nollet, L. and Warren, H.
  • The possibilities of in vivo predicting of intramuscular fat content in the lean cattle
    Tomka, J., Polák, P., Peškovičová, D., Krupa, E., Bartoň, L. and Bureš, D.
  • Quality characteristics of meats of Podolian bulls slaughtered at different ages
    Tarricone, S., Marsico, G., Celi, R., Colangelo, D. and Karatosidi, D.
  • Using stable isotope ratio analysis to discriminate between beef from different production systems
    Osorio, M.T., Monahan, F.J., Schmidt, O., Black, A. and Moloney, A.P.
  • Use of rotating box and turned-back position of cattle at the time of slaughter
    Warin-Ramette, A. and Mirabito, L.
  • Polish beef consumers: emerging or declining market?
    Gutkowska, K., Żakowska-Biemans, S., Kosicka-Gębska, M., Sajdakowska, M. and Wierzbicki, J.

Poster Session 08