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Session 10. Feed evaluation

Date: 23 August 2010; 14:00 - 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Lindberg (SE)

Theatre Session 10

Poster Session 10

  • The evaluation of lagged and non-lagged versions of a zero-order model to describe ruminal DM and CP degradability
    Fathi Nasri, M.H., Danesh Mesgaran, M. and Abbasi Daloii, T.
  • Comparing nutritive value of Almond hull of several Almond varieties by gas production technique
    Jafari, S., Alizadeh, A.R. and Imani, A.
  • Effect of polyethylene glycol and polyvinylpyrrolidone on in vitro gas production of grape pomace
    Besharati, M. and Taghizadeh, A.
  • Effects of cry1ab gene on the rumen protozoa in lambs
    Balieiro, G.N., Bueno, M.S., Nogueira, J.C.F., Ferrari, E.J., Nogueira, J.R. and Moreira, H.L.
  • Evaluation nutritive value of processed barley grain with different methods using in situ technique in sheep
    Parand, E., Taghizadeh, A., Moghadam, G.A. and Janmohamadi, H.
  • The effects of microbial inoculants and forage species on in vitro gas production of some hays and their silages
    Kilic, U., Garipoglu, A.V. and Onder, H.
  • A comparison of rumen fluid sampling techniques for ammonia and volatile fatty acid determination
    Rowntree, J.D., Pierce, K.P., Kenny, D.A., Kelly, A.K. and Boland, T.M.