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Session 12. Free Communications in Animal Genetics

Date: 23 August 2010; 14:00 - 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Wittenburg (DE)

Theatre Session 12

Poster Session 12

  • Microsatellite analysis of local and commercial chicken populations from Center Black Sea Region of Turkey
    Mercan, L. and Okumus, A.
  • The genetic resistance to gastrointestinal parasites in Bergamasca sheep breed: heritability and repeatability of faecal egg counts (FEC)
    Cecchi, F., Venditti, G., Ciampolini, R., D’avino, N., Ciani, E., Sebastiani, C., Macchioni, F., Filippini, F., Calzoni, P. and Biagetti, M.
  • Inducible Hsp-70.1 gene polymorphisms affect heat shock response of bovine mononuclear cells
    Basiricň, L., Morera, P., Primi, V., Lacetera, N., Nardone, A. and Bernabucci, U.
  • Use of some slaughter and quality traits to discriminate rabbit meat from different genotypes reared under organic and conventional systems
    Paci, G., Preziuso, G., Bagliacca, M. and Cecchi, F.
  • Long term economic consideration of progeny testing program in Iranian Holsteins
    Joezy Shekalgorabi, S., Shadparvar, A.A., Vaez Torshizi, R., Moradi Shahre Babak, M. and Jorjani, H.
  • Determination of growth hormone receptor gene polymorphisms in East Anatolian Red cattle, South Anatolian Red cattle and Turkish Grey cattle
    Akis, I., Oztabak, K.O. and Mengi, A.
  • Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the porcine PCSK1 gene are associated with fat deposition and carcass traits in Italian Large White and Italian Duroc pigs
    Russo, V., Scotti, E., Bertolini, F., Buttazzoni, L., Dall’olio, S., Davoli, R. and Fontanesi, L.
  • Bovine beta-casein allele A1: the source of beta-casomorphin 7 peptide, prevalence in Holstein bulls and its association with breeding value
    Cieslinska, A., Olenski, K., Kostyra, E., Szyda, J. and Kaminski, S.
  • Relative quantification of p53 and VEGF-C gene expression in canine mammary tumors
    Doosti, M., Nassiri, M.R., Movaseghi, A., Tahmoorepur, M., Ghovvati, S., Kazemi, H. and Solatani, M.
  • Associations between Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in GDF9 and BMP15 fecundity genes and litter size in two dairy sheep breeds of Greece
    Kapeoldassi, K., Kominakis, A., Chadio, S., Andreadou, M. and Ikonomopoulos, I.
  • Association of STAT5A and FGF2 gene mutations with conception rate in dairy cattle
    Michailidou, S., Oikonomou, G., Michailidis, G., Avdi, M. and Banos, G.
  • Expression level of growth factor receptors GHR and IGF1R in liver and muscle during postnatal growth in pigs
    Pierzchała, M., Urbański, P., Lisowski, P., Wyszyńska-Koko, J., Goluch, D. and Kamyczek, M.