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Session 15. Reproductive physiology of sheep and goats

Date: 23 August 2010; 14:00 - 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Bodin (FR)

Theatre Session 15

  • Researches in progress in reproductive physiology to increase the efficiency of sheep production
    Folch, J., Lahoz, B. and Alabart, J.L.
  • Photoperiod and socio-sexual relationships can be used to develop sustainable breeding techniques for goat reproduction
    Delgadillo, J.A., Flores, J.A., Duarte, G., Vielma, J., Hernández, H. and Fernández, I.G.
  • Effect of body condition on response of male goats to artificial long-days treatment
    Flores, J.A., Lemiere, A., Secundino, S., Hernández, H., Duarte, G., Vielma, J. and Delgadillo, J.A.
  • Analysis of the interactions between productive, nutritive and reproductive parameters from an experimental flock of Latxa dairy sheep
    Diez-Unquera, B., Beltrán De Heredia, I., Arranz, J., Amenabar, M.E., Mandaluniz, N., Ugarte, E. and Ruiz, R.
  • Longer time to oestrus in ewes fed a high omega-3 diet
    Gulliver, C.E., Friend, M.A., King, B.J., Robertson, S.M. and Clayton, E.H.
  • Effects of different photoperiod regimes on melatonin secretion pattern in seasonally anestrous Chios ewes
    Abooie, F., Sadeghipanah, H., Zare Shahneh, A., Mirhadi, A. and Babaei, M.
  • Effect of artificial photoperiod on reproductive performance of seasonally anestrous Chios ewes
    Sadeghipanah, H., Abooie, F., Zare Shahneh, A., Aghashahi, A.L., Asadzadeh, N., Papi, N., Mahdavi, A., Mafakheri, S. and Pahlevan Afshar, K.
  • Characteristics of ram semen collected from Boujaâd sheep breed in Morocco under fresh conservation
    Talbi, H., El Amiri, B., Derqaoui, L., El Bennani, M., Hilali, A. and Druart, X.
  • Seasonal variations in testicular size and semen quality of Boujaâd ram in Morocco
    Derqaoui, L., El Amiri, B., Talbi, H., Druart, X., El Bennani, M. and Hadrbach, M.
  • Persistency of ram’s sperm fatty acid profiles after removing fat sources from diet
    Esmaeili, V., Shahverdi, A.H., Alizadeh, A.R. and Towhidi, A.
  • Searching for genes of interest in sheep
    Moreno, C., Elsen, J.M., Legarra, A., Rupp, R., Bouix, J., Barillet, F., Palhičre, I., Larroque, H., Allain, D., François, D., Robert, C., Tosser-Klopp, G., Bodin, L. and Mulsant, P.

Poster Session 15