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Session 22. Advances in quantitative genetics

Date: 25 August 2010; 08:30 - 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Szyda (PL)

Theatre Session 22

Poster Session 22

  • Analysis the probability of pregnancy after the first insemination in Iranian Holstein cow using a logistic statistical approach
    Bahri Binabaj, F., Farhangfar, H., Shamshirgaran, Y. and Taheri, A.
  • Comparison of fixed and random regression test-day models for genetic evaluation of milk yield trait of Iranian Holstein cows
    Shamshirgaran, Y., Aslaminejhad, A.A., Tahmoorespour, M., Farhangfar, H., Bahri Binabaj, F. and Taheri, A.
  • Environmental and genetics effects influencing the ponderal development up to weaning time of Nellore animals raised in the Southeast Brazil
    Vieira, D.H., Medeiros, L.F.D., Souza, J.C.D., Oliveira, J.P., Pinto, J.B., Pedrosa, I.A., Surge, C.A., Silveira, J.P.F. and Vieira Junior, L.C.