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Session 23. Foetal programming in farm animals

Date: 25 August 2010; 08:30 - 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Kuran (TR)

Theatre Session 23

  • Pre- and early postnatal dietary interactions on development, metabolic and endocrine function from birth to adulthood in sheep
    Nielsen, M.O., Kongsted, A.H., Hellgren, L.I., Tygesen, M.P., Johnsen, L. and Husted, S.M.
  • Foetal programming in pigs: phenotypic consequences, the role of genetic variation and epigenetic mechanisms
    Wimmers, K., Nuchchanart, W., Murani, E. and Ponsuksili, S.
  • Maternal undernutrition programs leptin expression in offspring
    Chadio, S., Stavropoulou, M., Kotsampasi, B., Charismiadou, M., Papadomichelakis, G. and Menegatos, I.
  • Developmental programming of health and fertility in farm animals
    Karamitri, A., Gardner, D.S. and Sinclair, K.D.
  • High level iodine supplementation of the pregnant ewe alters serum IgG level and gene expression in the small intestine of the newborn lamb
    Boland, T.M., Kenny, D.A., Hogan, D., Browne, J.A. and Magee, D.A.
  • 900 MHz electromagnetic radiation induces immunosuppression in young chicken
    Gabr, A., Chronopoulou, R., Kominakis, A., Samaras, T., Politis, I. and Deligeorgis, S.
  • Effect of in ovo injection of royal jelly on hatchability outcomes in broiler chickens
    Moghaddam, A.A., Karimi, I., Borji, M., Bahadori, S. and Komazani, D.

Poster Session 23