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Session 33. Free Communications in Livestock Farming Systems

Date: 25 August 2010; 14:00 - 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Matlova (CZ)

Theatre Session 33

  • A simulation model of dairy cows’ herd with focus on the information system (SITEL)
    Brun-Lafleur, L., Rellier, J.P., Martin-Clouaire, R. and Faverdin, P.
  • Analysis of stockbreeder hierarchies within the livestock farming domains (cattle and sheep)
    Ingrand, S., Pailleux, J.Y., Poupart, S., Magne, M.A. and Mugnier, S.
  • Effect of dehydrated alfalfa supplementation on milk fatty acid composition: a farm survey
    Ballard, V., Couvreur, S. and Hurtaud, C.
  • Economic conditions for organic pig production in Sweden
    Mattsson, B. and Johansson, A.
  • Effect of winter nutritional managements during the postpartum of beef heifers calving in autumn, on milk production and calves performance
    Quintans, G., Velazco, J.I., Scarsi, A. and López-Mazz, C.
  • Effects of feedlot duration and sex on carcass characteristics of Kalkoohi dromedary camels
    Asadzadeh, N., Sadeghipanah, H., Banabaz, M.H. and Aghashahi, A.
  • Grassland classification by Remote Sensing (RS) data and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
    Bozkurt, Y., Basayigit, L. and Kaya, I.

Poster Session 33

  • Effect of breeding technology on somatic cell count in cow milk on mountain farms
    Frelich, J. and Šlachta, M.
  • Piglet mortality in organic herds
    Prunier, A.
  • Dairy farms in La Pampa (Argentine): typologies according to livestock management and economic indicators; preliminary results
    Perea, J., Giorgis, A., Larrea, A., García, A., Angón, E. and Mata, H.
  • Management of dairy farms in La Pampa (Argentine): factors affecting economic performance; preliminary results
    Perea, J., Giorgis, A., García, A., Mata, H., Acero, R. and Larrea, A.
  • Productive response of certain laying hens hybrids, reared within various farming systems
    Usturoi, M.G., Boisteanu, P.C., Radu-Rusu, R.M., Dolis, M.G., Pop, I.M. and Usturoi, A.
  • A survey on animal production in the north of the Cacheu province (Guinea Bissau, West Africa)
    Almeida, A.M. and Cardoso, L.A.