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* Book of Abstracts


* Crete 2010 Annual Meeting - Sessions

Plenary Session

Session 01. The 10th International Workshop on Biology of Lactation in Farm Animals (BOLFA)

Session 02. New phenotypes for new breeding goals

Session 03. Opportunities and challenges for grassland-based systems

Session 04. Societal demands and policy instruments in relation to animal welfare and food production

Session 05a. Innovation to support economic sustainability in management of small ruminants

Session 05.b. Animal fibre science

Session 06. Equine milk for human health

Session 07. Intestinal health in monogastrics

Session 08. New issues in meat quality in cattle

Session 09. New developments in animal health: from claw disorders to early detection of disease

Session 10. Feed evaluation

Session 11. Evaluation and use of alternative pig nutrient sources

Session 12. Free Communications in Animal Genetics

Session 13. Animals in extreme environments

Session 14. Strategies to add value to local breeds

Session 15. Reproductive physiology of sheep and goats

Session 16. Product quality (milk, meat) in small ruminants

Session 17. Symposium: Alternatives to castration in pigs

Session 18. Economic and animal aspects of mastitis & fertility in cattle

Session 19. Horse genetics: behaviour traits

Session 20. Evolution of mammary gland and milk secretion: consequences for lactation in farm animals

Session 21. Industry session

Session 22. Advances in quantitative genetics

Session 23. Foetal programming in farm animals

Session 24. Aquaculture

Session 25. Nutrition and management of lactating sows

Session 26. Robust cattle production systems

Session 27. Health control and eradication programmes in small ruminants

Session 28. Relationships between intensity of production and sustainability of livestock farming systems

Session 29. Free Communications in Animal Genetics

Session 30. Free Communications in Animal Nutrition

Session 31. Free Communications in Animal Management and Health

Session 32. Free Communications in Animal Physiology

Session 33. Free Communications in Livestock Farming Systems

Session 34. Improving cattle reproduction

Session 35. Free Communications in Sheep and Goat Production

Session 36. Free Communications in Pig Production

Session 37. Free Communications in Horse Production

Session 38. Free Communications in Animal Genetics

Session 39. Symposium: Cost Action - Feed for health

Session 40 - 1. Symposium: Environmental impact of animal production - 1. Evaluating negative and positive externalities

Session 40 - 2. Symposium: Environmental impact of animal production - 2. Designing more sustainable LFS and food chains

Session 41. Seminar on consumer attitudes to food quality products in Southern Europe

Session 42. Horse network workshop: Role of equids in socio economy and on human well being

Session 43. Breeding and recording strategies in small ruminants

Session 44. Application of genomic selection

Session 45. Pigs and sheep as models for human medicine

Session 46. Free Communications in Animal Nutrition