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Sessions, Book of Abstracts and Videos of the EAAP Annual Meeting, Stavanger 2011


Plenary Session

Session 01. Methodological developments in genomic selection (joint Interbull and Animal Genetic Resources working group symposium)

Session 02. Fabre Technology platform: research updates and White Paper on Food Security and Climate Change

Session 03. Welfare, ethics and behaviour in pig production

Session 04. Applied cattle breeding and genomics

Session 05. Free communications in horse production

Session 06. Free communications in sheep and goat production

Session 07. Life-cycle assessment of livestock production (SOLID/ANIMALCHANGE Symposium)

Session 08. Liver metabolism in dairy cows during the transition period

Session 09. Impact of farm technology on nutrition and feeding strategies

Session 10. Environmental value of animals genetic resources (Animal Genetic Resources symposium session)

Session 11. Genomic selection - application, ownership, and economics in dairy cattle (Interbull symposium)

Session 12. Link between rumen genome, nutrition and milk protein synthesis

Session 13. Animal Task Force: Food security policy perspectives for industry and research

Session 14. Breeding for resource and environmental efficiency

Session 15. Feeding practices and social constraints in horse housing

Session 16. Challenges of rangeland farming systems (economics, grazing, reproduction, health and welfare)

Session 17. Use of new technologies for breeding and management of pigs and cattle

Session 18. Free communications: parameter estimation and molecular genetics

Session 19. Architecture of quantitative traits

Session 20. The best cow for environmental efficiency

Session 21. Breeding programmes and genetic evaluation of horses

Session 22a. Mastitis in non-dairy animals

Session 22b. Alternatives to drugs for parasite control in sheep and goats

Session 23. Consumer studies of the consequences of stopping piglet castration

Session 24. Interactions between nutrition, genetics and health

Session 25. Ecological intensification and ecosystem services of livestock farming systems

Session 26. Animal disease models for health and robustness

Session 27. Interaction of diseases and production systems; risk evaluation and management

Session 30. Free communications: animal breeding methodology

Session 31. Sustainable use of antibiotics

Session 32. Management of replacements of females

Session 33. Nutrition and welfare

Session 34. Improving neonatal survival

Session 35. Free communications: selection and genetic gain

Session 36. Free communications in cattle production

Session 37. Advances of the Horse Commission Working Groups: from tradition to new challenges

Session 38. Free communications in sheep and goat production

Session 39. Free communications in pig production

Session 40. Free communications in animal nutrition

Session 41. Free communications in livestock farming systems

Session 42. Free communications in animal physiology

Session 43. Free communications in animal management and health

Session 44. Milk and meat product quality (Food Quality symposium)

Session 45. Breeding applications in industry (Aquaculture symposium)

Session 46. Sustainable cattle farming (Sustainability symposium)

Session 47. Equine education (Horse network workshop)

Session 48. Genetics of health, behaviour and functional traits in dogs (Companion Animal working group)

Session 49. Breeding value estimation in sheep

Session 50. Free communications: pig nutrition

Session 51. Comparative lactation biology

Session 52. Causes and consequences of mortality and premature culling of breeding animals

Session 53. Gastronomic quality of animal products (Food Quality symposium)

Session 54. Sustainable aquaculture for the future (Aquaculture symposium)

Session 55. Social pillar of sustainability (Sustainability symposium)

Session 56. Increasing nutritive value of raw materials and compound feed by feed technology (industry session)

Session 57. Animal fibre science (Animal Fibre working group)

Session 58. Free communications: genomic selection and genomewide association studies