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Session 13A. Horse genetic resources focused to Central Europe

Date: 27 August 2012; 14:00 - 15:45 hours
Chairperson: Lewczuk

Theatre Session 

Horse genetic resources in Central Europe
Bodů, I.

Preservation of indigenous horse breeds in Slovenia
Kaić, A. and Potočnik, K.

Horse genetic resources in Czech republic
Majzlik, I., Hofmanova, B., Čapkova, Z. and Vostry, L.

Socio-economical aspect of cold blooded horse conservation program in Poland
Polak, G.M. and Krupinski, J.

Assessment of inbreeding parameters in two Estonian local horse breeds
Rooni, K. and Viinalass, H.


Poster Session

Assessment of inbreeding depression on linear type description by the Czech draft breeds of horses
Vostry, L., Hofmanova, B., Capkova, Z., Majzlik, I. and Pribyl, J.

Historical background of piebald colour in the Hucul horse in the conservation programme in Poland
Tomczyk-Wrona, I.

Morphological characteristics of crossbred horses in Ulupamir village of Van province
Alarslan, E. and AygŁn, T.

Effect of parents age on phenotypical development of Hutsul horse offspring
Tomczyk-Wrona, I.

Monitoring of horse breeds in Lithuania
Anskiene, L., Muzikevicius, A. and Svitojus, A.

The domestic livestock resources of Turkey: national horse history, breeds and conservation status
Yilmaz, O., Boztepe, S., Ertugrul, M. and Wilson, R.T.