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Session 24A. Entrepreneurship, farm and herd management

Date: 28 August 2012; 14:00 - 15:45 hours
Chairperson: Halachmi and Kuipers


Theatre Session 

Farmers’ decision making with regard to animal welfare
De Lauwere, C. and Van Asseldonk, M.

Dynamic monitoring of litter size at herd and sow level
Bono, C., Cornou, C. and Kristensen, A.R.

Sustainable swine production from the point of view of medicine, hyotechnology and economics
Sviben, M.

The effect of grass white clover and grass only swards on milk production and grazing behaviour
Enríquez-Hidalgo, D., Lewis, E., Gilliland, T.J., O’donovan, M., Elliott, C. and Hennessy, D.

Allocative efficiency of dairy cattle grazing systems in La Pampa (Argentina) applying DEA approach
Angón, E., García, A., Perea, J., De Pablos, C., Acero, R. and Toro-Mújica, P.

The profitability of seasonal mountain dairy farming in Norway
Asheim, L.J., Lunnan, T. and Sickel, H.

Establishment and Management of New Mega Dairy Farms in Developing Countries
T. Schcolnik