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Session 24B. Health and fertility: aspects of breeding, energy balance and transition periods

Date: 28 August 2012; 16:15 - 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Thaller


Theatre Session 

Glucocorticoids as biomarkers for feed efficiency in cattle
Montanholi, Y.R., Swanson, K.C., Palme, R., Vander Voort, G., Haas, L.S. and Miller, S.P.

SNPs explaining genotype by environment interaction in German Holstein dairy cattle
Streit, M., Reinhardt, F., Thaller, G. and Bennewitz, J.

Factors affecting plasma progesterone concentration in cows divergent in genetic merit for fertility
Moore, S.G., Scully, S., Crowe, M.A., Evans, A.C.O., Lonergan, P., Fair, T. and Butler, S.T.

Milk fatty acids as influenced by energy metabolism and diseases in early lactating dairy cows
Knapp, E., Dotreppe, O., Hornick, J.L., Istasse, L. and Dufrasne, I.

Relation between protein source in diet and some reproductive performance of growing Frisian bulls
Elganiny, S.M., Khattab, H.M., Tharwat, E.E. and Zeidan, A.E.