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Session 25. Using genomic data for management and non-breeding purposes

Date: 29 August 2012; 08:30 - 11:30 hours
Chairperson: Winters


Theatre Session

Linking genomics to efficiency and environmental traits in dairy cattle
De Haas, Y., Dijkstra, J., Ogink, N., Calus, M.P.L. and Veerkamp, R.F.

Parentage assignment with molecular markers in sheep - first results of an experiment and prospects
Raoul, J., Chantry-Darmon, C., Barbotte, L., Babilliot, J.M., Bosher, M.Y. and Bodin, L.

Logistic regression and ROC-surfaces on a Lidia breed allocation problem
Martínez-Camblor, P., Carleos, C., Baro, J.A. and Cañón, F.J.

Testing of Inter-chromosomal LD in a half-sib family of cattle
Gomez-Raya, L. and Rauw, W.M.

Are genomic evaluations free of bias due to preferential treatment?
Dassonneville, R., Baur, A., Fritz, S., Boichard, D. and Ducrocq, V.

Applications of haplotypes in dairy farm management
Cole, J.B.


Poster Session 

Candidate genes affecting twinning rate in Maremmana cattle
Catillo, G., Marchitelli, C., Terzano, G.M. and Buttazzoni, L.