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Session 47. Impact of market requirements and production conditions on pig breeding goals: mainstream and niche

Date: 30 August 2012; 08:30 - 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Knap


Theatre Session 

Anticipating on market requirements and its changes in a modern breeding program
Van Haandel, E.B.P.G. and Huisman, A.E.

How the transition to free farrowing systems should work
Baumgartner, J.

Relation between sows’ aggressiveness post mixing and skin lesions recorded 10 weeks later
Tönepöhl, B., Appel, A., Voß, B., König Von Borstel, U. and Gauly, M.

Producers’ preferences for traits important in pig production
Wallenbeck, A., Ahlman, T., Ljung, M. and Rydhmer, L.

Improving fertility and minimizing inbreeding within the endangered pig breed 'Bunte Bentheimer'
Biermann, A.D.M., Pimentel, E.C.G., Tietze, M. and König, S.

Farmers’ breeding goals and requirements for PDO products: the Nustrale pig breed in Corsica
Casabianca, F., Lauvie, A., Muller, T. and Maestrini, O.

Breeding goals for niche markets: a parma ham example
Knol, E.F.

Selection for number of live piglets at five-days of age increased litter size and reduced mortality
Nielsen, B., Madsen, P. and Henryon, M.