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Session 54. Fibre production in Central and Eastern countries

Date: 30 August 2012; 14:00 - 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Niznikowski


Theatre Session 

Sheep and wool production in Central and Eastern Europe
Niżnikowski, R. and Strzelec, E.

Current considerations regarding the use of goat fibers in Europe
Zamfirescu, S.

Variation in wool fibre characteristics in sheep differing in genotype
Moreno Martinez, L., Mcdonald, A.J.S. and Galbraith, H.


Poster Session 

Changes in wool classes proportions in the most numerous sheep breeds in the Czech Republic
Milerski, M.

Fleece structure of Italian dairy and meat sheep
Gubbiotti, M., Pazzaglia, I., Lebboroni, G., Antonini, M. and Renieri, C.

Phenotypic and genetic variation of cashmere production on Chinese Alashan white goats
Valbonesi, A., Lou, Y., Antonini, M., Sun, Z., Luan, W., Tang, P., Ma, N. and Renieri, C.

Economically weighting fibre and morphological traits in an alpaca breeding program
Gutiérrez, J.P., Cervantes, I., Pérez-Cabal, M.A., Pun, A., Burgos, A. and Morante, R.