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Rules and submission of papers presented in Bratislava for web presentation

To reach a grater diffusion of the event and to facilitate the participants, all the files of the presentations (Theatre and Posters) must be made available on the EAAP website.

The following rules have to be strictly respected:

  1. Files must be provided in PDF format and must be unprotected. Files will be password-protected by the Secretariat and the password will be communicated only to the participants to the Annual Meeting. Files in other formats than PDF (e.g. .doc, .ppt ) will NOT be accepted.
  2. The paper must contain at the top of the paper:
  • Number of the session of the presentation (e.g. Session 11) and
  • E-mail address of the author.
  1. EAAP accept no responsibility for the content of the papers submitted to the site. Content is entirely the responsibility of the author
  2. Any correspondence on content must be conducted with the author of the paper and not through EAAP. For this reasons, all the papers must contain the e-mail address of the corresponding author
  3. The file must not exceed 10 Mb.