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2nd International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition (ISEP)

9-13 September 2007, Vichy, France


The Symposium was oriented towards livestock science but also addresses general aspects of protein and energy metabolism as applied to Farm Animals or Biomedical Science.

The Scientific Committee set out three objectives for the 2007 Symposium.

to develop a platform where widely different (i.e. from fundamental to integrative) approaches to and concepts of nutrition can be discussed, which may eventually be integrated into systems of nutritional recommendations. The newest research techniques and methods will thus be addressed and scientists/groups will demonstrate outcomes from their work to achieve 'integration'.

to encourage the comparison of research strategies developed in different species to address similar scientific issues.

to organise an open and collegial Symposium based on a workshop spirit, in order to stimulate interactions between scientists actively working on energy and protein nutrient metabolism and nutrition.

ISEP Presentations

X. Leverve . Plenary introductory lecture 'A new and prospective vision of energy and protein metabolism research in the present socio-economical context'

G.E. Lobley. Plenary lecture 'Protein-energy interactions: horizontal aspects'

Y.C. Luiking and N.E.P. Deutz. Plenary lecture. 'Interorgan exchange of amino acids: what is the driving force?'

M. Toyomizu. General Discussion on Topic 1 'Nutrition and mitochondrial functions'

J.P. McNamara. Discussion on Workshop 2a 'Regulation of lipid deposition & intramuscular lipids'

A. Orzechowski. Discussion on Workshop 2c 'Regulation of muscle protein deposition and loss'

J.F. Aguilera. Discussion on Workshop 2e 'Novel techniques for novel results in energy expenditure and body composition'

B.J. Bequette. Discussion on Workshop 2f 'Novel techniques for novel results in organ balance, in vitro tissue metabolism and nutrient "tracing" studies'

C.F.M. de Lange. Workshop 5b "Whole organism protein metabolism"