Service EAAP

Service EAAP is a limited liability company belonging to EAAP. The official address is: Roma, Via Tomassetti 3 CAP 00161 (Italy).

It was created with decision of the EAAP Council in 2011. The goal was to create a proper legal structure to allow EAAP to give services to its members and to the animal science network.

Service EAAP has a Management Board composed by the ownership of EAAP and by the CEO, as sole administrator. The voting right belongs to the property, that is to the President of EAAP representing its General Assembly.

The objective of Service EAAP is to support EAAP for activities in which a business approach is necessary. When EAAP has agreements with private companies either for sponsoring our activities or for jointly organized workshops, or to collect scholarships to offer to scientists participating to our meetings, or to cooperate with local organizers for the annual meetings, etc.

Recently activities by Service EAAP:

Current personnel of Service EAAP: